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We're your team of certified technology experts that solve your toughest business problems and yield up to 350% ROI on your bottom line.

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Powerful Solutions

We're a team of 7 highly skilled, certified, and reputable technology experts that specialize in providing powerful, hand-crafted, result-driven solutions for your business in today's technological driven age. We diligently collaborate with your business and our team to efficiently and effectively surpass business objectives and drive business growth.

How We Work Together


Free Analysis

We'll meet with you and discuss your current business goals, problems, and solutions. We'll lay out the groundwork and foundation of what's needed and provide you an affordable cost.



After we thoroughly go over our detailed list of recommendations for your business, we'll agree to a plan of action and provide our full value to your business.



Before, during, and after execution of our solutions, we'll be heavily monitoring the real time data and feedback in order to further optimize your business. 

First In Class Digital Marketing

We've been in the digital marketing age since the early 2000's, with a unique insight on how technology has transformed over the years. We're professionals at brainstorming effective digital marketing strategies that provide real results, regardless of what industry your business operates in.

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Proprietary Software Made For Your Business To ensure a phenomenal experience for your customers.

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Laser Targeted Marketing Strategies

In 2008-2013, there was easier access to insightful information about your business analytics and important tracking features that made it easy to find out Key Performance Indicators such as Lead Tracking and Acquisition (Where the Lead Came From). Fast forward to 2022, we now live in a somewhat privacy focused society that makes it more difficult for you to gain this type of insight into your business. 

That's why we developed Epic Insights, which is a proprietary in-house analytics software that provides a deeper understanding of your customers. It also provides actionable intelligence that empowers you to direct marketing campaigns that align with lead intent. It provides an even greater understanding of split testing and conversion optimization.

Expert Ad Management

Setting up an Advertiser account on various Ad Networks provide another piece of technology for you to learn in order to stay competitive and up to date. Nowadays, certifications are offered in order to verify an individual knows what they're doing within these ad networks such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more. You should be spending this time focusing on your business, we'll take all of the hard work out of making sure that your presence is broadcasted online to your most profitable customers.

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Website Design & Development

Result driven website design & development services that drive business revenue and extract the true value of your clients.Our websites are compatible across a wide range of popular devices and operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Tablets, and more.

We've Designed & Developed over 5,000 high performing web pages. Moreover, we've successfully deployed multi and one page websites for small to large scale businesses that automatically integrated with their various Office Software. 

Our Website Design & Development services will take a holistic assessment on an overwhelming amount of factors that correlate to your brand and business performance.

We Build Relationships

We take an intimate approach on learning all of the key elements of your business in order to successfully deliver on handcrafted solutions from our experts. Our business relationship with you means the most to us, because in our eyes, we're partners. Learn about what our clients (a.k.a. Partners) say about us.

"I like EpicTech more and more each day because they make running my business a lot easier. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for the great service. We were treated like royalty."

Brittany A.

Digital Marketing Client
"I STRONGLY recommend EpicTech to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business! EpicTech is both attractive and highly adaptable."

Remy A.

Digital Marketing Client
"Sean made our relationship with EpicTech worth a fortune to my company. After onboarding EpicTech to my business, my leads for the month quadrupled!"

John S.

Digital Marketing Client

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions.

We’re a technology company that offers a wide range of customized solutions and services. On the main menu, tap on “Solutions” and from there, you can see all of the services and solutions we offer. If you don’t see your requested service, please get in touch with us as we can likely deploy a solution for it.

Learning is optional and provided upon request for the services that we offer. While we do carry some industry secrets into our work for your business, we’re also happy to set aside the necessary time and train you on everything we’re doing. 

Every agreement is different and as such, will be detailed in the specifics of the investment agreement. We offer flexibility in our business relationships, therefore, we offer DIY (do it yourself) and DFY (done for you) services, and you get to choose what services you want us to handle and what services you want to handle. 

We treat all of our clients like close friends, and share intimate business relationships with all of them. As such, we monitor all contacts from the website and they undergo a silent “application” process in order to ensure that our relationship with your business is a great fit. It’s just another way we’re ensuring the quality and delivery of overall service to our current client base, and to ensure that we can consistently deliver you better experiences with our platform. In order to start, click on Get Started at the top of the website.

To begin, it’s important to start or redesign a website because it keeps a “fresh” Brand Look for your prospective customers. It also provides existing and returning customers new content and information to view. This just scrapes the surface for the full list of benefits involved with getting a website brand new or performing a redesign. We tell you more on our Solutions pages.

Our process begins with a collaborative and holistic assessment to gain a robust understanding of you, your business, and key stakeholders. We will explore your business problems and needs co-creatively, and work to develop a strategy that uses modern day technology to automate and improve your bottom line. We also possess a unique understanding of creative marketing strategies to achieve sales and lead objectives. We’ll gather your personal information, your business information, as well as any other relevant access based information in order to properly provide the services we offer.

Pricing information is provided on the Solutions page in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Specialized Software Solutions For Any Size Business: Our Most Popular Services

Website Development

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